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customize wordpress website

Successfully Completed our WordPress Tutorials Series.This is the last tutorial which will tell you how to customize wordpress website.This Series is presented by Online IT Training Project ParhoPak.Com & CodesLehrer Joint Venture.

All Basic things that we need for a website are discussed in these 7 Tutorials.

But Yet game is not over. Tips and Tricks about more features of wordpress are remaining and we will make separate Series.

This tutorial covers the following questions.

How to Add Menu in wordpress?
How to add logo on wordpress site?
How to add favicon on wordpress website?
How to drag and drop widgets on wordpress?
How to Design Main Area of Website?
How to add pages on wordpress site?
How to customise the wordpress website?

2 thoughts on “How to Customize WordPress Website | Tutorial 7

    1. WordPress themes provide a pretty much customization option. Though there are other plugins also available to customize themes.

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