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We help you write code

Who are we?

CodesLehrer is a free online tutorials website, where you can learn very basics of coding. Providing you the blend of programming tools, which are need of the hour such as C++, OOP, and java. Here you can get tutorials for web development courses from basic HTML to core PHP.

What do we provide?

We provide you the free tutorials to learn basics of coding with some example programs along with their output. We are approaching towards a new concept of writing codes. As a basic core component for having a hold on coding in web terminology too. Since you excel in languages coding only then you are a complete package in web development world to go with the mainstream world.

Why choose us?

We are not here to help you mug up programs rather we help you understand the very basics of programming. Since we want you to be programmers. We provide you the practical developing education to make you able to run in the long run of life. Then you will be ready to face the outer world challenges and be able to help the people around them.


To develop the minds of our readers towards their upbringing and creating them a responsible citizen of tomorrow. As if they can take part in the development of Modern Era it will be worth it for us.